What I do

I work primarily with business owners to help them protect their business and personal assets, build their wealth and plan strategically for their business succession, retirement and estate planning. I advise self-managed superannuation funds, companies, trusts, partnerships and individuals, with a focus on holistic client advice regardless of structure or entity.

I have worked in financial advice with ANZ since 2012 with my time prior to that working in asset finance and salary packaging. Combined with my studies in Applied Finance and Accounting, I have a breadth of knowledge and experience across disciplines which allows me to develop unique strategies for clients, effectively and creatively solving their problems.

ANZ Financial Planning recognises the diversity of our clients and the diversity of solutions recommended. As such, I am licensed to provide advice using six market leading insurance providers and use quality investments to design a specific investment strategy and portfolio across all asset classes to achieve your goals. I work on a fee-for-service basis with my emphasis on strategic financial planning.

What I believe

Success requires integrity, passion and hard work

Success isn’t an accident but instead the culmination of one’s experiences and their character. Be proud of your character and your work and success will find you.

Embrace creativity in all its forms

Think differently, solve problems and bring your unique perspective to the world.

Be receptive to advice and value your mentors

No one can know everything and we are all fallible. Adopt feedback and seek it at every opportunity to develop continuously.

Only accept calculated risks

It’s important to maintain control and only take on manageable risks. Know yourself, know your limits and develop contingency plans; just in case.

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